woman? is that meant to insult me?


*sirius black voice* remus will you kill this spider for me

*remus lupin voice* is it trying to hurt you, sirius

*sirius black voice* its on my bed and hurting my heart 

*quiet james potter voice* engorgio

*loud, horrified sirius black shrieking*

Soulful Sights Photography

Maggie Grace during (what’s known to photographers as) the magic hour. She’s eight months old now, and close (if not more) to 50 pounds. We don’t know if she’s pureblood or not, but she’s a American Bulldog and she’s been part of our family since February 1st, 2014. Not trying to toot my own horn, but since I’m not currently getting hired for my work, I feel the need to say, “I deserve to.” because these three pictures are really good. At least in my opinion, especially since they’re straight from the camera. 


Please excuse the crappy photos, the light in my room is atrocious. My boyfriend and I bought the supplies to make these last Sunday and over the past six days we’ve been working on making the wood we bought turn into these! Today we assembled them and mounted them to our bedroom wall!

  • The first photo is the finished product - I finally have a spot for my Percy Jackson books to be all together (and the potential to have PJO 1-3 and HoO 1-2 and 5 but it’s not out yet, all together) as well as some of my other favorites. Plus, for now my dragons all have a place to sit!
  • The second is right after I had wiped them down and was beginning to pluck books from their old spots and trying to decide where they needed to go.
  • And the third is just my second attempt at ordering the books on the shelf - I ended up with an empty space which is why I snatched my Hogwarts Library set from my HP Shelves to put them in the empty spot.


"It’s my first time here. I wanted to come to - you know you don’t go to Comic Con without going down on the floor and seeing it all, and so the way I came up with doing that was Spider-Man." - Daniel Radcliffe at the 2014 SDCC


Now that all current episodes of LoK are up on Nick’s site, I must implore fandom to watch things on Nick.com (or their partners’ sites) as much as you can. Now that Korra is exclusively digital, we as fans need to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to support that format. The episodes will have ads before, during, or after them, but in exchange for high quality episodes and financial support of a show that we love, I think that’s pretty fair.

If you are an international viewer, there are ways for you to work around region blocks. Hola Unblocker is an extension for Chrome, Firefox, and many other browsers that will let you bypass region blocks and view LoK on Nick’s site and though I personally have never used it, it has been demonstrated to work well by many users, 

All current LoK episodes are also available for purchase on Google Play and Amazon. Hulu+ users have access to the first three episodes as of this posting and will likely be getting more of them soon.

Please keep supporting Korra. New episodes will be coming out every Friday on Nick.com and affiliate sites. More information on how exactly this process works will hopefully come in the near future.


things that should not concern u:
- the length of a woman’s skirt
- the tightness of a woman’s top
- how many people a woman has slept with

things that should concern u:
- america’s gun laws
- that u haven’t petted enough dogs today
- harry potter named a kid albus severus


In order to become the supreme adult, you must perform the seven wonders:

  • Public speaking
  • Not being afraid of teenagers
  • Calling the doctor yourself
  • Taxes
  • Arguing without crying
  • Having a normal sleep pattern
  • Having an answer to the question ‘what do you want to do with your life?’


do not pity the dead, harry, pity the living, and above all those who cannot go to comic con